Tomorrow , I WILL go shoot some Video

The Weather is apparently going to break for a few days , and This needs to get done .

I am waiting on a Lav Mic , so I can do Narration of the Vid the way I want to . and it should be here in the morning .

I am going to go strictly Body pack recorders instead of Wireless , As many wireless units just aren’t dependable or easily repairable if something happens to them. ( Which has happened to me )

I read a Blog recently from another Audio guy in the UK , who has also had problems with clients taking care of the expenses , and I learned a valuable lesson , that Itemising and detailing the Value of each piece of gear will be used and getting the client to sign an agreement that if anything happens they will take care of it .

Audio gear Isn’t cheap , and Freelancers do not have Company support , We Own our own gear , and as such we depend on it , and if it gets damaged we are at a loss .

This is a problem , as Most Filmmakers won’t pay for Union or Company sponsored Audio as it will cost them a lot more money than a Freelancer would , But they don’t want to cover the freelancers gear if something happens to it .

TV Commercial are easy , Web Commercials etc mostly 1 or 2 day shoots in fairly controlled environments , Documentary varies by subject matter , and the length of shoot will also vary .

But a Film shoot can have variations in script and scene that CAN put your gear at risk for damage , Lavalier Mics are easily damaged by the Cable getting pulled or getting snagged on something Which happened to mine .

But I will go on , and gradually replace stuff , and if a Client needs Wireless I made contact with a Company that does rental recently , and that will be my referral to them is to rent the wireless and I will provide the channels of input . I am not buying another wireless setup The Tascam DR10C is actually pretty nice and records a very good Mono signal at 24 bits 48Khz , standard BWF format with a RTC time stamp to the audio files .

I wish I could find that blog I read , I really want to link it here , The Guy knew exactly what he was talking about .


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