The Document , To Document , A Document , a Documentary

The Document = a File or Piece of Paper with things written or typed , printed on it .

To Document = an Action , a Motion , to Preserve , Record , Protect , Make Memory of .

A Documentary = a Commentary , a Story , a Recording of someone , or something to preserve , protect , portray by means of telling or recording and creating a story about that .

Documentary Videos are often Staged and rehearsed , Practised and Performed to create a story , and embellish upon what is actually there often time Misrepresenting that which was originally there .

So , That being said , a TRUE Documentary Videographer , will Develop a relationship and trust with the  persons who are being filmed and then stay the hell out of their way , and Capture the Natural Unrehearsed story in a way that is informative and reaches the audience who will SEE the story or Hear it . However it is presented .  And what you get is much closer to the truth of the story or at lease that side of it , as it would be in the case of any Political Conflict or War story .

But The Story of People and their Creativity , and their Bond with each other is never one-sided , Because the subject matter is very different . The Story of Craftsmen and Women , they are intrinsically tied to what they do and those around them , The Materials they use , The Earth , and Nature from which the Materials came from .

And Each Culture has their own community of Craftsmen at different levels of Skill and Quality of their work and what they make and how it is used in the Society around them . It is ALL connected .

I have been Tasked with a Documentary …..about that Very Subject . Throughout the Countryside of Japan and Different Prefectures , To capture the essence of these Craftsmen’s History , Lineage , and Work and how it relates to or is affected by the Changing Digital World around us .

So those of you who graciously have visited my blog so often over the past year or two , I thank you very very much , I check the stats to see which countries are visiting , and what your reading , and I really appreciate you stopping by . So If you will , Follow me and the TEAM , that will be Making this Documentary about some of the Finest Craftsmanship in Japan and offer your support when we bring out the Kickstarter campaign to help fund it .

This will not be a Budget Film , We are aiming to really bring something Nice to the Table .  There are some very High Quality people involve in the Project , and I am appreciate of the Company I am in . Graphic Artist , a Great Photographer , and Others with Editing Skills in different platforms , and disciplines who are offering their time and effort to help make this Happen .

I leave on Friday to begin the Shoot for the Trailer or Teaser for the Kickstarter Campaign .  We will shoot for Several days , in Several Locations in Japans Most Beautiful regions and Give you a Taste of what we Really want to do .

I will keep you all posted , and put Updates and maybe some Pix of the process posted here as we get into the depth of it ( Depending on Internet Access abilities !!! )

More details to come as I get permission to do so .


Getting older and when stuff doesn’t work

God this past week has been up and down , but when I say DOWN , I mean like God someone Shoot me and put me out of my misery down .

I have injuries which flare up from time to time , and this week one of them did , in my Neck . Pinched nerve and Slipped disc at the Shoulder/Neck  area , and my Right arm was basically immobile and on fire . It hurt so bad it wasn’t funny … ( unless your just into Sadism ) I went to my Chiro/ Acupuncturist yesterday and he work on me for 2.5 hours , But didn’t get the Affected area to break loose , Above , and Below it yes , but not IT .

So I came home still hurting profusely . My Back was in Spasms , Took a bunch of drugs , and passed out ( Legal Prespriction stuff , Get yer head of the entertainment realm for a minute will ya )

Anyway this morning I got some clicks and cracks pops etc and stuff is loosening up . and I feel better .  Still can’t play guitar yet , but need to get there so I can finish a Video I am working on . ( getting old sucks )

That is the DOWN stuff , but there is some UP stuff .

I have been approached about doing a Documentary film about something I actually have some serious affection for .

Craftsmanship …… Oh Yeah , Don’t EVEN get me started on how the Digital Age has destroyed the Handmade community ( You cannot download That thing to your Desktop )  You can however send a payment to Get that thing ON your desktop next TO your Desktop or Laptop , however you surf the web .

Review of Korgs AudioGate 3.04

(Update Dec 2015 , Audio Gate 4.01 released , Trying it out now)

Ok 3.04 , was the bad end of a horrible not even B movie ( it was bad ) The rant redacted because >>>>>> Da Da DUUUUUMMM . Drum roll please


Audio Gate 4.01 >…….. Seems to work ! Quite well actually . I deliberately tried to break it .

Plugged in the MR2 to authorise it. It accepted and opened right up with no hassle .( Or Hasselhoff )


I loaded some files , then UNPLUGGED the MR 2 after ejecting it from the system .

Quit Audio Gate and Restarted to see if it would balk like it did before .( Version 3 wouldn’t even open without the device )  NOPE this time is just worked and I was able to edit , and rename files as I wished , Move them , group them convert them etc.  THIS time Audio Gate is working .


If you have and older version Update . It is worth it if your going to use it .

Version 3 was garbage with El Capitan , Yosemite etc , But Version 4+  is working well .



The Rise of “Virtual Offices”

IF , and only IF you are an Established company with capital and backing And Good Contact info that can be verified should you use a Virtual Office , Of course this is just my Opinion I am about to spout off , BUT I have very definable reasons.

#1 , If you are an Individual and you use a Virtual Office because you think it will make you look good . You need to be VERY VERY Careful , about Maintaining CORRECT contact info , AND Be Available at ALL Times listed in Business Hours .  If you do not , and a Phone number doesn’t work , or you cannot be contacted , a prospective client WILL , copy and Paste the Address of your office into a search engine such as Google , Bing or Yahoo.

When the Address comes up registered to say Servecorp instead of Yourname .com at the 295th floor of the XYZ Building in Tokyo Japan .  ….YOU …….ARE ……DEAD.

Your client will close the browser , delete your emails , and remove you from the contacts list .

You Absolutely MUST be available , and answer emails from that account quickly and expediently or you lose a client .

Virtual Offices do NOT make you look good , they have exactly the Opposite effect to any discerning client or prospective opportunity .

It is MUCH better to Have your own Email , and a Domain Name with your brand or name as the header . It gives you credibility , and becomes your Identity in the business world . A Virtual Office becomes your Gravestone .

It makes you look Fake , and like a Scam Artist .

So , again , I state IMHO ,….. That only Established Businesses with an Actual Hard Address should have as an Addition a Virtual Office , It is credible and There is a Source to go to ( The Hard Address)  if something is amiss.

My Rant for the Day .

Off to Tokyo for the Day ….

Still trying to get the video finished for the Audio Device I am trying so hard NOT to scream out about how much I like it . I want it to be in the video .

But I am going to grab a piece of gear for my Location sound work as there is someone leaving Japan this week and has decided to sell something I need , for an amount I can afford ……. ( Was there a Planetary alignment last night or something ????)

Life moves in mysterious ways .

But !!!!  , Pickup a set of Guitar strings , and Clean up my studio when I get back so I can record a song for the video I am doing , And get this thing done , I MIGHT …… Might just hit Burger King while I am out today though .

( What ?  Oh , yeah I get it ….. You live where BK is Everywhere so you can just go down the street PHHHHT! , For us in Japan , if you don’t live INSIDE of Tokyo proper or near where one of the VERY FEW BK’s are at it is a Day trip by train Just to go get a Freekin Burger !!!!!!!)

Even the Burgers have gone all NINJA on us , Dag nowhere is safe !