AES/EBU -> SPDIF Cable test

I bought a set of Cables AES/EBU (XLR) to SPDIF (RCA)   In and Out

To connect my Sound Devices USBPre2 to the Tascam UH7000 Digital Input and output

What the Input of the UH7000 gives me , with the Sound Devices USBPre2 , it turns into a 4 Channel preamp , as that the Digital Input has its own separate faders that can be Combined for stereo input or Separated into 2 mono Channels , the same being true for the Analogue inputs , it turns into a 4 channel mixer  for Stereo Mix output -> or 4 distinct recording channels to the DAW  .

I tested it out with an old Minidisc player /recorder I have ( MZ-R50)  17 years old and still working .

I had recorded a few things in a Studio back in the US many years ago , and the only samples of that studio are on Minidiscs

So that is what I hooked up to the Sound Devices Preamp , which is now Connected to the UH7000’s AES/EBU input .

The Sample rate changed automatically to match the SD Preamp , and the Music started to play , I brought up the faders and clean, clear, solid representation of the Minidiscs contents .  Only a little better .  It had a nice wide soundstage , and sounded like there was plenty of headroom to spare . So in a lets say Baroque Quartet , and they only wanted a simple recording of a Live performance , I have several options just with this setup .

I can have 1 mic on Each Instrument , 4 Channels .Or ….

I can Have an ORTF With two mics  overhead or at a distance from the group  , and a Back To Back  pair of Cardioids like C214’s set in the middle of the group  to give a STRONG Left /Right Binaural which I can play with in the Software using STT Tool , or Some other spatial Panning tool to get the exact image I want .

Or , A Basic Stereo Spaced pair , for the Group and a Set of mics to grab Audience Sounds .

as well as Many other setups , but with 4 pretty High Quality mic preamps at the front , because both machines easily hold their own .


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