Waiting on the Rain >>>>

Man it is coming down outside right now , We have had WAY too much rain in the past few weeks .

Major flooding north of us and in River Vally areas , Lots of damage , one whole city was washed away and it is all over the news even outside of Japan . All While poor California is Burning ….. If this were a Shower Nozzle I would redirect it .

Also waiting on a Delivery , ….in the rain .  Expansion of mobile interface ability . Adding the Focusrite SaffirePro26 to the Kit so as to give my Laptop a Better mobile recording ability , Hauling a Mixing board around in todays world is redundant . And I am not getting enough of Live Band work to justify it AND Most Live Houses have their OWN Mixing desks and PA. So the other day I sold my Mackie Mixer and am using that money to get the interface .

It was a Tossup , I could have gone with the Saffire Pro 40 which has very straight forward inputs and outs . I have a Breakout Box with a 30 foot cable and 6 XLR Plugs + 2 TRS plugs and the Saffire Pro 40 would just simply link up nice and clean as All the exact connectivity was on the back of the unit for that purpose .

BUT >  ( There is that word again )  , Yeah I know …. But , the Pro 26 while having a couple less inputs ( way less outs)  the way it is setup , is more like a Swiss Army Knife ,… It has Sets of inputs , and  a Variety of ways to get in and out of the machine .

2 Plain XLR ins (Channels 1+2)

2 XLR/TRS Combo jacks (Channels 3+4)

2 TRS Line/Instrument  Inputs on the front ( CH 1+2 alternate route)

2 TRS Line inputs on the Back (Channels 5+6)

2 Digital inputs Via SPDIF ( SDPIF 1.1+1.2 )

2 or 8 Digital ins Via ADAT/Toslink ( Switchable assignable )

See what I mean ?  Sets of Inputs .

It is Slightly Smaller than the Pro40 which must be Rackmounted or in a Rack Case .

It Also Runs on DC power rather than the Pro 40 which must be AC Powered via regular grounded Wall power

With a 12 V DC input on the Saffire Pro 26 , I can make a Battery bank that will easily match the power requirements  , and have a Mobile Audio Swiss Army knife .

For more money there was a Used Metric Halo ULN2 in a store that I visit often . and it was in good shape but it is long in the tooth , Great gear Great sound , but 2006-7 Maybe earlier ?  The Hardware itself is well….. Not quite new technology and Operating Systems for Computers get updated a LOT more recently that I care to chance on .

The ULN2 , boasts world class sound , But is slightly limited on Inputs in comparison to the Saffire Pro 26 . About the Same size

I think the one thing I will do if I can is change the XLR jacks in the 26 to Locking connectors .

Replace all 4 of the XLR jacks with Neutrik Locking combo jacks . Now THAT will make the Pro 26 a Nice looking machine .

It has enough controls for me . But I want Locking Connectors on the Back

It should be here in a couple hours .


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