Another Video shoot tomorrow

Getting the Audio Bag ready , Gotta go find an L Shape USB Micro B cable for powering the Tascam DR70D in the Petrol 607 audio bag , The Idea here is , the Micro side of the plug is to be the L , and using a short XLR Extension cable I secure the L of the USB to the XLR body with a Zip Tie so that there is no movement in the USB plug to prevent Power dropouts .

The Tascam DR70D has a problem , If your USB powering it , and the USB Cable gets jarred or moved it will revert to Internal Battery power ( That isn’t the problem ) That is a nice feature , BUT , and here is the Caveat , If it happens in succession , like a couple of times the Machine Locks up and you have to Restart it . I had several files get corrupted because of this .

So the Solution is to prevent ANY Usb Cable movement at all . When I get it done I will post a Pic here of what I am taking about . But the L shaped plug is at the DR70D Body point toward the back or Bottom if it is Bagged , The #4 XLR Input is right next to this area where the L Plug would pass over . So Securing the L Plug to the XLR Via a Zip tie , and Instantly you have Zero movement in the USB plug .

May have to make shims to get the perfect fit , but that is my solution . Off to the Store to get the parts to do this this morning once the rain lets up ( Lots of Lightning and Thunder right now , I should be recording it !!! )


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