Man We are getting rained on , The wind hasn’t really kicked in yet but it is coming .

And the Director is supposed to be picking up his Hard Drive this morning from the movie shoot !!!!

What a way to start the day !!!!  Weather warnings on TV now telling us to Batten down the hatches , and make sure no stuff is left outside that can fly away . Low lying areas are being slated for evac.  as that the Rain is Exceeding safe levels( by a long shot , flooding imminent ) The Eye of the storm is landing just 90 Km south west of us so we are getting the northeast hook of it and as it curves upward we will get the eastern side of it . Going to be a wet day .

Problem is , this typhoon isn’t so big ,…. but the one behind it is….. Quite round as it sits out over the ocean aiming at us

As well it is unusually cold this morning , My Furry blanket feels really good right now with a warm cup of coffee in my hand .

Is it the Harbinger that says Summer is over ?   I didn’t even get to Beach this year ……..


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