Yesterday I tore some Muscles in my left leg on my way home.

It is official ,  The Rectus Femoris  and the Sartorious M.

Why do things that are hard to either understand or to spell Hurt so bad ?

I still have 2 days of shooting left . and I have an Ice pack on my leg tonight …..

It Hurts

It Hurts

There is actually tearing in both legs in the same area , But the right leg isn’t as bad , the left hurts miserably but at least the muscle didn’t become disconnected from the ligaments or tendons .

Going up stairs is Not fun right now .and I am fortunate to have my knee support from previous injuries , so I have that on now to help protect the left . Ankles are sore to . It is really clear , I am getting older and just not as flexible as I used to be . But This was an Action based film , there was a LOT of running in it , and I haven’t run like that is a LONG time .

What I am imagining happened is in the hard running scenes , I got micro tears in the muscles in that area , because my legs were unusually sore the next few days and it didn’t just snap back the next day like I used to do . So with the Micro tears present , and no real chance to rest and heal , Last night they just gave way when I put that oblique pressure in the upper thigh and  lifting muscles in the legs . It is a very interesting pain , the kind of pain that tells you very clearly ,” Be careful your not able to go beyond this gate without serious damage ”

Indeed , When Muscle separates from the tendons and ligaments , That mean surgery , No Options .

This requires Time , but if I push it any at all . It will be that next stage . Cannot afford that .

The Rectus Femoris injury is most common among Soccer Players and Competition Level Bike racing ,  That area is the Apex of thrust in time trial riders , and uphill racers , When Pedalling at that speed and Power in Competition you don’t stop when you get a Cramp in the leg from the Lactates building up in the muscles , You push thru the cramp or you lose the race , But It is exactly that push when the cramp sets in , that tears the muscle , Tremendous forces are being applied at the moment and the Fibres just cannot withstand the strain , and Rip .

I have been having legs cramps the past few days after doing certain parts in the film . Hurt like hell . But What I am seeing is that I just had a Slow motion version of what  biker goes thru on the Uphill climb . Except I was lifting up some luggage ….>>>>>


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