I was going to go out and shoot some video today

Had a River Hike Planned , but the wind all of the sudden picked up and got quite substantial making a decent recording all but impossible , I have a Very cool Product Introduction I am going to bring you soon , But I need a few certain scenes to  make the whole thing work . and Although today was GORGEOUS , for once with all the rain we have been having , The Wind decided it wasn’t time to do it .

But Good news , I have a Friend I haven’t seen in about 2 years , He has returned to Japan for a short time , and He Will be Visiting Me tomorrow , YAY!

This Guy is the Rhythm to My Rock musically , and without him I have the Blues , He doesn’t live in Japan anymore so I do not get to see him often .

WHICH means , I need to go find a GOOD Bottle of Scotch quick . No Ifs ands or Butts about it .

But Be assured , to the readers of my Blog ,I Thank you for your Visits ,and  I have noticed that recently I am getting traffic from all over the world , Way cool , Mostly about the Tascam DR70D recorder , but some of you have perused the rest of my pages out of curiosity . But be assured I will be dropping a Way cool product demo in these pages quite soon , and If your in Audio , or are a Bedroom Musician , You will Want this device .

I like Cool gear , designed with the User in mind , and or just around a Simply COOL Idea , and Built to a High Quality standard . Those things mean a lot to me , and the thing I am going to introduce to you Is exactly that . Cool on a Whole new level .

And Analogue at that . Oh Yeah …..


Watched the Apple Conference for myself this morning

Yeah I know , a Month after , ( I have been busy )

iPad Pro …. Keyboard for it .   =  Laptop with Limited storage , Nice processing , Battery Life , big screen , But all the Medical Apps promotions really turned the Conference into a College seminar more or less .

I mean even for the WATCH , a Medical App ……HUH .

Ok , Apple you used to be all about the Media Professionals , The Musicians , The Producers , The Filmmakers , The Creatives .

Great,  You have Killer Medical Apps , Happy Rich Doctors , and at 1000 dollars plus for just 128 GB ………?????

Lets see , a 1080P HiData video file ( You have several flavours of 1080P they are NOT equal) But Just a 1080P  Hi Data at say 2 hours , you have for the Unconverted file around 24bit @ 1080p @ 60fps 24*1920*1080*60=2.98 Gbit/s

Per second 2.98 Gbits …. It starts adding up really quick

But then If your using FCP , or any real Editing software , You up convert it to ProRes422 to get your Colour correction ability opened up . Resulting in pretty huge files .

iPad Pro , is Not Pro it is a Consumer Device that will do tricks .

My Laptop has a Terabyte drive in it …..  128gb , I want that as Memory , not my Drive

Apple TV ?    I might be interested in that .

Copyright or CopyWrong ? issues

In the news recently there have been several issues of Copyright that when I listened to the Suspect files they to me didnt even resemble the other file in question , But then there are overt copies that are so easily recognised that no one ever says anything about . It really depends on the Attitudes of the Original Artist and the Target of their Accusation .

Is it Copy or Inspiration . That is a really critical question . If an artist feels that it was a Compliment or an Homage to them it makes a huge difference in the next stage of things But if it was indeed a Copy intended to Make money or get attention OFF OF the original Artist then that is a different story .

But Lets take a look at 2 different songs from 2 different places on the planet .

Listen CLOSELY to the Guitar parts and Timing and Drums.

These two are ridiculously close to being Identical , only thing different is the Original is a Minor 3rd or so Down in pitch from the other . One was done 1985 , and the other almost 10 years later .



What do you think ?

What do you think?

AES/EBU -> SPDIF Cable test

I bought a set of Cables AES/EBU (XLR) to SPDIF (RCA)   In and Out

To connect my Sound Devices USBPre2 to the Tascam UH7000 Digital Input and output

What the Input of the UH7000 gives me , with the Sound Devices USBPre2 , it turns into a 4 Channel preamp , as that the Digital Input has its own separate faders that can be Combined for stereo input or Separated into 2 mono Channels , the same being true for the Analogue inputs , it turns into a 4 channel mixer  for Stereo Mix output -> or 4 distinct recording channels to the DAW  .

I tested it out with an old Minidisc player /recorder I have ( MZ-R50)  17 years old and still working .

I had recorded a few things in a Studio back in the US many years ago , and the only samples of that studio are on Minidiscs

So that is what I hooked up to the Sound Devices Preamp , which is now Connected to the UH7000’s AES/EBU input .

The Sample rate changed automatically to match the SD Preamp , and the Music started to play , I brought up the faders and clean, clear, solid representation of the Minidiscs contents .  Only a little better .  It had a nice wide soundstage , and sounded like there was plenty of headroom to spare . So in a lets say Baroque Quartet , and they only wanted a simple recording of a Live performance , I have several options just with this setup .

I can have 1 mic on Each Instrument , 4 Channels .Or ….

I can Have an ORTF With two mics  overhead or at a distance from the group  , and a Back To Back  pair of Cardioids like C214’s set in the middle of the group  to give a STRONG Left /Right Binaural which I can play with in the Software using STT Tool , or Some other spatial Panning tool to get the exact image I want .

Or , A Basic Stereo Spaced pair , for the Group and a Set of mics to grab Audience Sounds .

as well as Many other setups , but with 4 pretty High Quality mic preamps at the front , because both machines easily hold their own .

Focusrite Saffire Pro 26 ( Arrived)

Solid feel , Metal Knobs , Switches feel good , Dual Headphone Outputs .

I had already downloaded the Mix Control software , so it was only a matter of turning off the computer connecting the Firewire cable , and turning the computer back on .

Opened the Mix control software and in less than 3 minutes had all my inputs routed , the ADAT input switched to SPDIF Stereo and assigned as SPIDF 3+4 .

Output Mixes can be Stereo or Mono ( and yes you can mix them up having both Mono Mix out as well as Stereo Mix outs .)

Headphones Outputs have PLENTY of power and are clean uncoloured outputs ( Some audiophiles might not like that , but this is a Recording interface not a Consumer Listening device )


When you give the Product Description , The DIMENSIONS of the Product , MEAN PRODUCT NOT THE EFFING BOX it comes it .

On the Website FF gives the Dimensions as 470mm wide …. But I had watched the video enough times to know that wasn’t the case . The BOX is 470mm exactly , But THAT doesn’t help me build a Case for the PRODUCT , I would have thoroughly liked to have built a case for it and have it ready to just simply slide right into the case ready to go , But Without the Actual Product dimensions you don’t get that privilege .

We Don’t Give a Crap about the BOX dufus …… The Facts Ma’am just the Facts .

Anyway …enough of the Rant .

It is indeed the Size I wanted and will fit nicely in my Backpack or Photo Accessory bag , that has an outer case pocket/sleeve that is just about perfect for it . I Think it was designed for a 13 inch laptop but with more space as if the Laptop would have a Cushioned case over it as well so there is plenty of width /depth / and thickness space for the interface .

The Mix Panel software is very straightforward as I have used it before on an earlier FF interface I owned .

But I must say , I like this one a LOT better as that my other FF device was 6 years ago I think ?  and wasn’t this clear or crystalline in the headphones .  ( you can click this to blow it up ) Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 11.26.48 AM

Notice the Mix Tabs at the top , Mix 1 , and Mix 7 are setup in Stereo , Mix 3,4,5,6 in Mono So , I can send Mix 1 to My Cans , and a Recorder , the Mono Mixes can be sent to the stage monitors individually , and Mix 7 can be sent to a Camera setup for Live sound straight to the Video . Nice huh?

I Take a Master Bleed from any House Mixer into Channels 5+6 , Channels 1-4 I can send to the stage as second mics for Instruments I want better control of or Voices , then The SPDIF 4 channels worth I can connect my Sound Devices USBPre2 to the Optical for 2 channels or REALLY nice mic preamps , and then on the RCA SPDIF I can connect my Tascam UH7000 (Using XLR > RCA AES/EBU-> SPDIF Adapter Cables of which I have a Set of both in and out ) as the Main input to the Recorder using the SPDIF Out as Main Mix , SPDIF In as extra 2 mic inputs as the UH7000 mic pre’s are quite nice .

Now , If You read my Previous post ( Just below this one)  Then you might get what I was saying about the Swiss Army Knife analogy .

Oh and the actual Dimensions are Width = just over 31cm – Front to Back (including knobs and jacks) 22cm – 4.3 cm thick

Now you can build a case for it .

Firewire Bus power . >>>> Well that is what it is on right now while I listen to Internet radio .

BUT …. If I was running the above described setup with all my gear hooked up It would indeed be on Power Supply . Don’t Tax your system, it isn’t wise .  Listening is fine , Line Level stuff up to maybe 6 channels ok , But Mic Preamps need power to sound good , don’t starve them by trying to run Mics of mixing to much stuff without giving the Interface Power to run off of .

Speaking of power , DC 12v 1250ma   or 1.25 Amps Guess what I have a folding Solar panel with Regulated Filtered 12 Volts 1.6 Amps out in Moderate sun in less than perfect light I get 1 amp +  , which is more that sufficient to power the Pro26 .

That Means , Location Sound minus the Tascam UH7000 , but I have USB Batteries for the Sound Devices USBPre2

So I have 6 Mic Inputs with Phantom Power , and Line inputs for Wireless Units on portable power .

Again -> Swiss Army Knife ,….. this is why I chose the 26 instead of the 40 ( But I will get an 8 Channel Mic pre with ADAT to add to this  soon enough . Just don’t need it at the moment .

Yep I Like it .