Getting Close to the finish line

2 mics damaged , But I had extra mics with me , and the show went on . Hopefully they get replaced or re-funded for me to get new one to replace them , The NTG3 was one of my favs , I got it doing a Documentary for NHK Japan.

So that one actually means something to me .

But Tomorrows shoot is all indoors for the most part . And I have some tricks up my sleeve for this set of scenes , There were certain sounds the Director was looking for when I met him , And we discussed these scenes in particular before doing the contract . So I expressed my Ideas about how they should sound for Impact , and he liked what I said . so There it is .

I am Exhausted …… Tired in my bones , but in a good way .

But we are approaching the finish line for this films capture . The Editing and Post will take a while , Always does .But the Capture , the critical part of it , is almost done , And I really feel good about this one . Good story , Pretty Good actors in it to for as young as they are and the lack of experience , they brought some RAW to the table . Some of the Shooting has been in Dubious places shall we say !! ( Or maybe I shouldn’t LOL)  But that was the way the Ideas had to be captured , The right location , might not always be an Agreeable location , You just have to work around it .

The Camera Crew , Basically 4 people , Main Camera , Assistant , Grip and Gaffer work together pretty seamlessly , And the Camera guy just doesn’t give up , He has had solutions for every thing that could possibly go wrong or come up , he just breezed thru it . ( Used MY personal Tripod in a few of those solutions I might add )

about 2 more days of shooting …… It is a strange feeling ….  There is just a sense of something … I like it .

I personally can’t wait , to actually see the finished film …. And Yeah ,….I want to know how it sounds !


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