The art of Film

Is the Art of Telling a Story , Conveying the story in a way that has an impact on the Audience . The Watcher , The Listener .

The Cut , The Edit , The Pace and spacing of the time and elements that make that film , create the impact and tell the story .

The Cut :  1 frame matters , it really does . So many great directors owe their success to great editors ,

The Edit : The SOURCE MATERIAL MATTERS , It really does , So many great editors Owe their ability to the Camera and Sound crew who understood that getting the great shot and the emotion really mattered . And The Sound Crew who had the passion to stick with the project into long hours and making sure to capture every nuance they could to create the perfect backdrop for the Images to fall upon and wrap around.

The Sight and Sound :  So Many Camera and Sound Crews owe their Material to the Actors and Environments that lensed them the Material to gather .  Nature Gives it sounds willingly if you go in search of them , But the Actor or Actress , has to deliver it to you for you to capture it , it doesn’t happen naturally . They work for it , digging deep into themselves for Emotions that are real even if they aren’t related to the Story they use those emotions to reflect it and make it real enough to capture it .

I have been in a Movie that the story failed because of the Edit , But was it only the Edit ? The Source Material was also not quite what it should have been , Stuttered Panning , Wrong frame rates , or Shutter speeds that contributed to the Frame stutter. I thought the Actors and Actresses did a great job , but the Source material wasn’t captured right or edited well enough to tell the story .

I know a few Filmmakers , am about to start one , a short film , I like the director , I like the story , I am doing sound . He has given me creative freedom on it , I will treat it with the same passion he has , maybe more , as each scene has sounds that he may not notice , But as a Sound guy I will look at each and every aspect of what I can draw out of it .

The Tiny details matter . if it means an extra take , or extra mic placement , then do it . Give the editing space the material to work with . You cannot work ….with what is not there to begin with .

I meet the Actors for this Film on the 20th ….. I hope to express or convey that I want to capture something that really grabs the story .  I may be doing Post as well … Foley , ADR , The whole bag …..

I am ready .


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