Today ….>>> Things change

Don’t things Change everyday ?

Sometimes it sure seems like they do not ,….. The Term ” Languishing ” which means Stuck , waiting , unchanging , Sailors call it the Doldrums ,  which is where when you are out at Sea , in a Sailing vessel , and you hit a DEAD spot in the middle of the Ocean .

Imagine that , No Wind , No real Current , Dead Water and Dead Wind in the Middle of our so very active oceans . Difficult to picture that ?  The Doldrums , were feared more than Storms by the old sailors , In The Doldrums you run out of food , Water (even though your surrounded by it ) Heat , Dehydration , Slowly the insanity sets in as the mind deprived of stimuli begins to twist and turn on itself searching for anything to hold on to .. ….Yeah , the Doldrums .

Life can be that way at times , especially living as a Foreigner in a country that has a great many unspoken rules and cultural taboos that place limits on who I can be ……

Tools , are what make the difference , To the Sailor , The ability to catch fish , and to purify water saves his life and sanity .

To the City Dweller , the Ability to Buy that fish , and pay the bills so you have water , is the same thing .

Both require tools to make something Happen , Deprived of tools The Doldrums become quite unbearable .

Today , Hopefully My Bank Account will reflect some work I did a couple months ago , and with that I will buy a Tool , a Much Needed Tool for Sonic Creation and Gathering of Super Clean , Hi quality sound for the Mics that I Already possess .

They to are Languishing …….

Oh Yes I have the Zoom H6 , and the Tascam DR70D , but they have their Caveats .

The Zoom H6 inputs are not Stellar by any means , they are OK , but the Line inputs are Not Pro level ( Don’t even try to argue with me on that ) they just aren’t , sure they are Balanced TRS inputs on Combo Jacks , but they are SO EASY to overload and crush the audio coming thru them . Pads and all engaged . They do Not Handle Pro Levels well . Mixing console outputs crush the inputs on my H6 ,….. I have to be really careful about setting that up when recording a live band , and the truth is , the Sound is just OK ,  Not open airy and with the headroom needed for really good final product .

Sound Devices is a Sound I Like , and have used on a few gigs as borrowed gear or rental gear . Solid , Uncluttered , Open sound that is what is expected in professional work . …This week , I will have that sound ……

Today things change . They get better . Some Wind in my Sails and a chance to escape the Doldrums .


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