Just Ordered ……

The Novation Launch Control XL ,  Faders and Knobs to control my Software .

Waited and Waited to get it . But just enough left over in my Bank account to go ahead and get it .

I wanted this for a while , Not for using it with Ableton Live or DJ stuff , or EDM .  But ,  For a Digital Mixer …. Yeah , A controller for my DAW in the most Basic of setups , Faders , Knobs , Panning , Solo , Mute , Aux Sends with some extra buttons to control stuff like Start Stop , Track Arm , or just REC start .

A Fair amount of Software now will allow MIDI control surfaces , Like the Mixer Panel for Audio Interfaces .

MOTU Microbook2 , comes with a Mixer Panel GUI , that will follow MIDI protocols , so In a Live Band situation , I can control the Monitor Mix being sent to the Stage , OR  The Inputs going to the DAW or Stereo Recorder Software like DSP Quattro .

This expands capabilities dramatically , given that without that ability you have to go in and Mouse things one at a time . For Set and Forget recording that is ok , But not if you need to ride levels .

What would I make different about the Launch Control ?    100 mm faders ….instead of 60 mm

Yeah ,…. that is the ONLY thing I would change , I have played with it in a Music store , and really liked the way it felt , the Faders have a nice resistance , the knobs felt good , but 100 mm Faders would give just that little extra level of control and feel more like a real mixer ( ….oh wait …. most consumer mixer only have 60 mm faders ……..)

You pay more to step up the 100mm faders ,  But that generally comes with nicer mic preamps with it …. Oh Well … Take what I can get …… But this will really make for a great portable rig

Control Your Self will ya !


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