A Fairly good day ….

Although quite Hot , and Muggy , and the fact that a company  owes me a LOT of money and has not paid me and I am broke .

I had one of my needs supplied , I have a fair collection of Mics , and I Love my mics . but protecting them from the Japanese Climate is quite a challenge , I usually keep them in a Really Big Aluminium Box with Silica Gell packs in the box to absorb moisture , but they give out fast . I needed a DRY BOX , a Humidity Control Box , that cools and filters the air in it and keeps the Humidity under control . They are a bit Pricey for a decent sized on . But today I found a Used one in OK shape that works . Has Hygrometer , and Temp meter as well , runs on 5 Volts 1.3 amps power supply , and is Big enough to put ALL my microphones in it ….. and it cost me 40 Dollars or 4000 yen . This is the beginning of the real summer heat and I needed this big time .

Humidity hovers around 85 to 90 % all day here in the summer , NOT good for mics .

They are safe now ….. That makes me happy ( A little anyway ,…..watching the news is depressing )

Plus the Box looks cool in my Studio with all the Mics in it and Big Glass door so you can see the dials and stuff , Just need to light the interior somehow .

Todays Movie , was Predator vs Alien 2 , Requiem …… BOOOM ….. that is how it ends .

Well except for an alien weapon in the hands of some secret security agency ….


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