When Media Companies don’t pay .

I recently did a project , that involved quite a few people , and have become aware that most of the other people have been paid .

But I have been told , that the company hasn’t paid yet .

What to do When Media Companies do not pay .

In Japan there is a serious disconnect between different stages of the media world . There are Many , A GREAT Many Agencies to work thru if you want to do Acting or Commercial work in Japan , Some are good Some are not .

If they view you as personally valuable to them then they will take care of you , if they don’t , you may never see your money .

Simple truth .

Is it legal ?  No ,  but nobody will do anything about it . And here is why

Back a few years ago , there was a Young Talent , who spoke pretty good Japanese . And had a very Bright Personality . He grew in Popularity on TV , Stage and other areas , He has signed a Contract with a certain agency and that Contract was non flexible , in both wordage and intent . As his popularity grew , his Workload increased dramatically , but His fund age did not grow proportionately . He began to resist , and eventually took it to court . He won …… but he lost big time.

He Won the Court Case , and the Agency was forced to pay him back fees etc . But he No longer works in the Media or entertainment industry …… He just disappeared from the TV , Nothing ,….Gone .

The Industry here moves as large school of one type of fish , and if your not the same fish , you will get pushed away .

That is the truth of the Japanese industry , They will use you for a while , Get what they can out of you , then change directions .

Don’t dream big here , get famous somewhere else then come here . You will be treated much better . Unless your a fish …..

The Money system here works in 3 month schedules , Not 30 days like the US and other countries , this is another big problem .

In the NET30 system , You are aware of your payments as a Company, Get it taken care of quickly , With the 3 month system you have time to forget …… Not good. I think they also hope you will forget . I don’t forget , I won’t forgive either .

But that makes me a Liability in the Japanese media industry . Net 30 , I am ok with that . Work done , Shooting wrapped , 30 days later I get paid . I am completely ok with that . 3 months goes by , 4 months goes by …… I am not ok with that .

But ,…..THAT is the reality in the Japanese Media business world .   Unless your a fish ….. the same fish .

If you work For a Company under their umbrella , You get a Paycheck , like everyone should , Monthly or Bi-Monthly .

If your a Freelancer , as a Sound guy , You have to make your own way . As an Actor , you have to be with a really good agency and be constantly available , and forget about the money and just do the jobs , because if you ask about the money , all of the sudden your job list will get shorter and shorter and shorter .

I AM NOT A FISH …… I am not a Shark Either , I don’t try to Eat the Fish ( although some of them look quite delicious)

Someone owes me a large sum of money ….. I am waiting for it . In Need of it . Others have been paid weeks ago .

Should I work for you again ?


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