I Think I am going to do a Video about ….>>>

Jolly Ranchers Candy .

Yep the Green TOTALLY artificial STuffffffff that we as Kids all know and Loved JUST BECAUSE it Was …… Fake and we knew it .

Or Did we ?????

You see I live in Japan now . And have for the past 12 years , But A Lot of the best memories revolve around stuff that you know simply couldn’t happen anywhere else . Like Jolly Ranchers .

But Alas , that Green Candy with it’s Immensely Powerful smell , That just had to be Fake  , Just HAD TO BE …… Isn’t exactly so .

You see here in Japan , there is an Apple …… yes a Real honest to whatever being you believe in , Apple that for all intent and Purposes Smells ………exactly …….. like …… A Green Jolly Ranchers Candy


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