1st half of the World Cup down and ……

US-4 , Japan 1  ouch ……

Three on the ground smooth as silk BAM in the Net , and one from HALF FIELD ???? DAG !

Japan comes back with One in the first half . Nicely done making Hope Stretch all the way across the net .

But , You can see clearly who wants it the most will be the one that gets it . There are a fair amount of Japan supporters there in Vancouver as there is a Large Japanese community . But this game will be down to the wire . Depending on what happens in the first part of the second half ,…..If Japan can come back and even it up Then it comes down to the wire ,…. What if ? What if it goes like it did 4 years ago Tied up , Kickoff at the end ??? Whoa!!!  that would be heavy .

But it remains to be seen , after the commercials are gone and the second half begins ………

Revenge ?  or Confirmation > which will it be ?

(10 minutes left in the Game , ….I give up , Japan just doesnt want it bad enough  Too many missed passes , To much space , and no forward movement )

And US wins the WORLD CUP  The first 3 goals coming in almost the first 3 minutes of the Game . The shock stopped Japan in their tracks and they could not recover .

In this case First Blood was a Fatal blow .


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