Wave lab is officially off of my Laptop !!

It is still on my Studio machine and will remain there . But …..!!!  Oh Yes that word …..

BUT , I have an alternative quite formidable indeed  DSP Quattro and AUDACITY , (Which now has Realtime effect preview for your VST and AU effects) , I just tested that feature out with Eareckon’s-CS87Strip  full channel strip with Compressor , EQ , Limiter all rolled into one . And when I selected it a Preview window opens with a Playback button . and it PLAYS the WHOLE FILE . THANK you Audacity team ! Audacity ROCKS

On the Other Side , DSP Quattro , Supports all my AU and VST Natively and in realtime . But for quick fixes where I really do not need the Full power of a DAW ( Or the time it takes to open it and set up a project , Name it Label it Tell it where to save the files ……… Yeah ,….. geesh I just wanna fix a noise issue or level the file Out >>>>>>>

In Many cases where it is an instant fix needed and it is a single file and not multiple tracks , With that ability in Audacity , I can open the File ( Audacity Automatically makes a Copy instead of working from the original )  ,…. You just Open , Edit , Save as or EXPORT as either MP3 , or Wav in whatever bit depth you want . Even Multi Channel like 5.1 or 7.1 export , yeah Audacity will do that …… Wave lab sucks So many crashes , bad results from the Audio not being what I hear in my Monitors after I burn a CD and play it back , Horrible layout , Bad working environment . I hate Wavelab , I really regret buying that software . I miss Bias Peak horribly , I loved BIAS PEAK , and never had an issue with it . So easy to work with and my result were what I wanted almost each and every time . RIP Bias , I wish you would come back .


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