Tomorrow is the Day my Dad died ….

June 2 1982 . I walked down the hallway of the I believe 8th floor of the hospital .

Getting off of the elevator , Facing 8 feet tall Windows looking out over a Country Pristine scene that would evoke anyone into a moment of pause and reverie . Green grass , Oak Trees , Blue sky , Cotton Ball clouds . We turned right out of the elevator , and started walking down the hallway , Tall windows on my left , a Wall on my right , I was 16 years old . About 60 feet from the elevator to the end of the hallway , My Father’s room was right at the end of the hall just off to the left . The Door was open ……..

We had been called the night before about 6pm , The Hospital saying that it would be ok to visit him . He had been sick for 2 weeks without a clue of what was so wrong , but it was critical enough that no one was allowed near him .

So Here was the day , Early morning Beautiful day …. and as I walked somewhat hopeful to see my Dad well again , We crossed the threshold of the Hallway to the Open door , just for me to see them pulling the sheets over his head .

I cannot get that image out of my head , It was 1982 …. I still come apart every year …… In front of my eyes , my Father was stolen from me .  And I have no way of letting him know just what he meant to me .


I miss you Dad . You will never know just how much . I had just finally gotten to be with you , after a Nightmare of Stepfather abuse and a Mother who just simply was disconnected from reality . You were my shining light and always will be .

Your Son .

TC Deane .


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