If you do Video /Photo Watch this

I used to be on G+ . but just don’t have time to commit to it .

There are some very creative , bordering on psychotic people on G+ , but there are some people who are just simply real .

They might not get along with everybody ( I am one of those , If you don’t like me , up yours ) But , I have a lot of respect for people who will actually ALLOW themselves to feel . Yes Feel have emotion , Have involvement with the moment , and aren’t disconnected Post Whatever and say “Look at what I Did ! ” types , ……… Not attractive at all .

When I did sound for the NHK documentary there were many times I was having a VERY hard time holding the mic steady on the Boom because of the Story I was listening to . Tears in my eyes listening to someones story who’s live has been turned upside down and survived it .

Well Photography and Video are forms of storytelling , sometime affecting change , sometimes just relating something profound to you alone and nobody else will get it . But there are importing things in the Image or Story . How we keep them or what is said is important .

Al Shapiro takes some very good pics ( man does he ) ……But he also tells a good story . Here is what he says . I agree with him on many things .


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