Sunday Morning

Wife is doing Laundry and cleaning house , so I did something to Distract myself from the noise of it all .

Built a Regulator for my Solar panel , that would power and charge my Video Camera .

The Panasonic X900M is finicky about power , the Adapter is a Special 9.3 volts filtered DC . Standard 9 Volts doesn’t work , neither will 10 or 12 V , I tried .

So , I thought to myself      “what if ?”   yeah that question is the one many forget to ask , What If I tried This or That , the willingness to experiment .

I built a Regulator with a Varistor to change gain . and set it to 9.6 volts to allow for a slight load drop on the power source , Plugged in the Camera and the charge light came right on !…..and STAYED on .  Blinking Happily away taking in juice to the battery .  My Backyard Pigeon watching me the whole time .

So then I shot a Short video ….. Here ya go .


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