Be Careful what you Search for on the Net !!!

Yeah we like to know and remember people from our pasts . Some for Good reason and others ……well maybe Not so good !

So I wanted to know how life was going for someone from my past , like back in 85 ‘ kinda past . And what I found was Eye opening indeed !!!!! . I mean Life has its way of Getting even with people . Man does it indeed .

My Ex was lets just say ,…Unstable , in many ways . And when we split up she stole a Lot of stuff from me including my Prized MOOG Synth.  I loved that machine .  Well apparently she didn’t stop there !.

All I will say , is I found Mug Shots . and a Rap sheet that could be used for a FULL Roll of toilet paper !

She is definitely NOT as attractive as when I met her , (Oh man what an understatement ….. ) It was like trying to Identify a body by dental records her deterioration is so BAD . OH MY GOD >>>>>  I am ,….. I am …….. aww hell

“What has been seen cannot be Unseen ”

Shouldn’t have stole my keyboard …. I Win … Thank you life , for just once , Thank you . This made my day .

( And no I won’t post that picture , I am not that cruel ( to you OR her )


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