We just had a Shaker Indeed!!!!

Shook the entire Main Island of Japan , The WHOLE country !!!

Out in the Ocean M8.5 590km deep

No Tsunami to worry about though which is good


Home Alone….. ( no not the Movie)

Wife gone to see the Sister , Son off to work ( night job) I am going to fire up the Studio downstairs , and get some editing done .

But ,….. I sure wish I had a good bottle of Whiskey . Going to be a Long night , as the Wife may stay the night and the Kid won’t be home until 4 am or so .

Need a good drink .

Tascam DR70D Updates

As that I get a lot of readers on my previous posts about the DR70d I thought I would just drop a Note to everyone about something about to Happen .

We are all waiting on a Firmware update , Well it is Coming !!!

Version 1.10 will be released in the next few days ( within the Week possibly ) and Contains bug fixes , and Much needed and Requested MID GAIN setting in the Input Menu YAYYYYYYYY!

I have pretty close communications with Tascam direct , and this comes from the engineers .

When the Firmware is out I will post a link in this post .

So Get ready , The DR70d is about to become a WHOLE lot more useful .


Firmware 1.10 with Mid Gain will be out in a Day or two . as of Tuesday Jun 2 , I have received an Email about it .

So Get ready for some Audio Goodness and a Machine that will now agree with MOST mics you throw at it .

UPDATE AGAIN , ver. 1.10 is Out Now !!!

Here is a Link for the English speakers


And for the Japanese Able


Your Welcome !