Canon XC10 4k Camera ,…is it worth it ?

So far all the reviewers on the web are blasting it , yet they haven’t even had it in their hands yet . The EOS-M was that same way , Put thru the shredders (  maybe somewhat deserved in that case ) But I have the EOS-M , and have shot a couple of commercials with it using EF lenses

Like this one

Which was ALL done with the EOS-M and an EF Lens on the adapter .

I think that the final result is what tells the tale of it being deserving or not of all the vitriol against it . But I for my part , after seeing some sample footage , and Knowing how to USE a camera , I think I would like to have this camera .

If you think about it , it is the perfect Backpacker . No extra lenses ( Built in ) so you don’t have to fish for a lens in your bag , It has a Stereo mic input ( which so far on my EOS-M has proven itself to sound quite good with an AT-822 mic or whatever I choose to use . But the XC10 Also has Headphone output ,…….. I cannot begin to tell you how important that is to me .

in HD mode you get full 60P  ( 59.93 actually ) but Progressive nonetheless. Not 60i which gets scaled down to 30p automatically in the software.

Good Battery life , so you can actually go shoot stuff ,  And no 29 minute limit on the Video files like the EOS-M does or many of the other DSLRS ( All of them in fact ????)

10x Zoom , Isn’t that bad , because for one thing MOST of what you will or anyone else will shoot with this will be close enough to you that you won’t need Superzoom abilities. Your after Detail when shooting 4k and  stuff that is far away enough that you need Superzoom won’t resolve well enough to be of any real benefit in 4k or any other resolution .

I would love to be a tester for this camera , I like the form factor , The Handle , The Pop On Viewfinder

It has all the Manual controls one would need. Focus , Aperture etc , Is it an F1.4 ? no,….. does it have to be ? If your after only Bokeh , well yeah I guess , but that is what the DSLR your also carrying is for , jeesh just mix in the footage .

Canon , I make the best out of my EOS-M , and can do some pretty good stuff with it , But Send me the XC10 , I WILL give it a proper workout , instead of trying to find fault with it . I want to see what it is really capable of !


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