Apparently Amazon doesn’t like negative reviews

Customer reviews can not be published.

Thank you for sending the customer reviews to Amazon. You truly Excuse me, but could not be posted on the website for your post the contents of this every time. Reviews must have along the following guidelines, so please check.

ND square filter eight kit + case +9 kind of size metal adapter ring + holder XCSOURCE Neutral Density ND Filter Set ND2 ND4 ND8 ND16 G.ND2 G.ND4 G.N8 G.ND16 for Cokin P + 9 Metal Adapter Ring + Holder LF291 ★★ – Evaluator: Tiny Bird Productions , 2015/04/14

Not Optical Glass, Made of Cheap Plastic and Hazy

I did my first test of them this morning with an EFS 18-135mm Lens, Bright sun and filmed a Red Maple (Momiji) in the breeze at close proximity to get a good background Bokeh, The resulting image even after Cleaning the Filter is Hazy , and basically unusable.
My Suggestion is if you get this package Get it for the Rings (which are perfect) and the Holder (Plastic) and then buy Glass filters to fit.
But I would not buy this again

Really ??? What did I say that was so Out of their guidelines ?


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