Ok , so Craigslist has this Ad …>>>> CASTING CALL ,….

Umm No .  Not that kind , get your mind out of the internet ….

But a Movie , Yeah a Feature Film …. They want Sword guys / gals , Martial Arts Skills , Renaissance sense of things , being filmed in South Africa , and Australia …..

Umm  …….. Doesn’t that Sound a LOT like a Game of Thrones thing ????  I mean , Just Sayin’ know what I mean ?

I would LOVE to do that . On Either side of the fence , As part of the Theatrical , or as Part of the Crew , doing Sound .

Yeah , I just got thru making a 4 meter Boom pole to!  Japanese Deep sea fishing rods are tough and Lightweight fibreglass

And it stretches out nicely .

I can swing Dumbchucks pretty darn good actually , and not to shabby with a Sword . But I would like to be on the crew in truth . Sound is a great challenge to me and  I love doing it . The Environment changes constantly and the adjustments do also if your actually paying attention . Catching the Nuances of a Situation instead of just watching your meters .

Any Way ,…. 150 days of shooting the ad said .  Half a year ….. Call me Dammit !!!!


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