Apple “Mainstage3” software review forthcoming

I scrounged up change to get an Appstore card and Downloaded Apples MainStage 3 , and I can truthfully say , You get a LOT more than what you pay for . ( LIKE MEGA Giga bytes of extra goodies in Sound stuff) Heck I am still downloading extra content now for Garageband , Loops galore

I just spent an hour in my Kitchen with the Acoustic Guitar trying out different effects and settings

( To my Wife’s Chagrin) (insert smiley face here)

But I have to say , With the CPU meters and Memory meters on so I could watch the usage , Running eq’s compressors , reverbs etc for say 4 channels will NOT be a problem .

The EQ’s and Compressors actually sound pretty darn good to , the Reverbs shimmer nicely .

I have to dig deeper and try a full playback setup with backing tracks and all that jazz, 2 channel input    ( 1 Mic + 1 guitar) and Backing tracks to see how it feels . But suffice it to say the Latency was so very light as to be non existent almost I can live with what I heard easily . It was nice .

I like it …….. ( don’t really care if Mickey does )

(Update)  ,  The Distortions Suck ….Did an Electric test , No Thanks , ZOOM Pedals Sound better .

But Reverbs and Mixer functions are good .


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