Hearing yourself …..

” Hey man are actually listening to what you Say ?”  Don’t get hit with that one .

But what if it is your Voice or Instrument on stage , and you can’t ……Hear Yourself ….

It Sucks , it can ruin a good performance , it can change the vibe or energy , Bad Sound sucks .

Not just for the Audience , But Mainly for the Performer !!!

The Sad truth is most Sound guys don’t give a shit , Live House or Bar sound especially . Bands come to play , and have to fight with the sound guy , because , his/her view is just push the faders up and get it to fill the room . That is it …..seriously .

If the Band can hear what they NEED to hear , they give YOU the sound person , and your Audience ,…..A Better Performance . Isn’t that what you want in the first place ?  You make your own job interesting or boring , not the band .

There are crappy bands , but even they should get Good sound in the ears so they can actually hear how crappy they are .

Good sound is unforgiving . I have seen an artist who had never heard Studio sound before actually FREEZE in front of the mic , unable to play , Happened in My Studio as well as many others.

Used to iPhone portable App recording sound , or Simple Home Audio Interface sound , and they sit down in a real situation with a GOOD mic , a decent Mic pre and good Monitors and Headphones for the first time the difference can be unsettling for some .

You hear all the Details , But that is what is needed to get a GOOD Performance .

I am not an American Idol Maniac ( there are some GREAT singers out of it though indeed )

But I LOVED this video .


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