I Hate/Love Google Translate

Man alive , If you want to send someone a message that isn’t in your own language , PLEASE PLEASE do NOT rely on Google Translate , ESPECIALLY as it relates to Japanese , Or vice Versa if you want a Really good laugh , Copy some text off of a Japanese Web Page and Paste it into Google Translate . …………………………………. Yep if you did it you should be QUITE confused just about ……..now .! Try it , I dare ya .   It is a Headache waiting to happen , and worse than a Trainwreck in Slow Motion ( Although that Would be an interesting visual as long as no one got hurt …..just saying’) I speak moderate Japanese , but do not read or write very well at all . So sometimes I have to use Translate to decipher things on the web . It is a CHORE to sift thru the Malformed incoherent spit back from translate to garner any sort of relevant meaning in order to comprehend what your trying to get at .


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