Tomorrow is March 11 … And I am in a Mixed mood

There have been many good things happen this past year as well as Not so good . TinyBirdProductions has been involved with several major Productions ( One is on NHK world tonight ) others that I got ripped off doing , and others that I got no credit for even though it wouldn’t have happened without what I did .

I am about to embark on a whole new project for a very special client , Saturday I am shooting a Video as a Demo for her to show what Quality I can deliver . But more that that it is a Meet and greet with an Artist in whose music this client depends on for her own production , so I am being brought into the circle so to speak .

But Tomorrow is March 11 . and at 2:46 in the afternoon , My House was shaking so bad I couldn’t stand up 4 years ago . I was watching out the 2nd floor window as the Road cracked and Moved in Waves . and the Electric poles were waving around uncontrollably Roof tiles falling off my neighbours houses , cracks in walls and the sounds of things breaking .

BUt … It doesn’t compare with what happened to Sanriku and Tohoku region Iwate , the areas where the Epicentre was closest too and the Tsunami did Horrendous damage Swallowing entire cities ,…. while we watched on the TV  while pickup up the stuff that fell over .

I just spent a week up there Recording the sound for the Documentary on NHK about Sanriku , and It is hard to get out of my head the fact I watched it all on TV as it was happening , then 4 years later ….. I am standing there WHERE it happened .

Pretty powerful stuff .


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