Doubting someones abilities …

Any time you see a great looking video when your shopping around for a Camera or gear , and it just Clicks with you ” Oh Man I want that camera !!!!”    STOP !! Do not pass go , Do not Collect ( or in this case SPEND) your 200 or however many dollars this is going to cost you .

No one presents the Truth when they want to look good , The few of us that will …don’t give a crap , you either believe me when I say something or you don’t .

Now the difference is , that I do actually know a little about what I am doing . and in my other videos I am using the same camera but in full MANUAL mode ….

I have been doing Photography , and Audio for a long time , grew up around the stuff and Musicians galore , and recently someone who I had a lot of respect for kinda exposed themselves with a comment they made that in fact they hadn’t believed anything I said to them . Oh well … I don’t have time for that or room for it in my life .  I do good work when I get the chance to do it and have reasonable level of gear to do it with .

Struggling on a severely limited budget and working with lesser gear to produce superior results … Think about that , Inferior gear ,…. and getting superior results . ( I have proven this time and time again , and under pressure )

If they weren’t superior results they by and far, were More than Adequate and were used to good affect . It is easy to say your good at something when you have SUPERIOR gear to let you get away with a great many mistakes that the Gear covers for you .

A really good Field mixer for AUDIO , like Sigma , Sound Devices , Kamesan ,can run just for a Mixer, about  4 thousand dollars or more and ,…are Built to practically Guarantee you a great sound as that Limiters , and Inputs for the Mics are of Exceptional quality and the Level controls respond so well it is practically impossible to make a bad recording . But that is what you Pay for . Now consider someone who takes a 300 dollar Recording device that is NOWHERE near the same category has very limited control capability , and Small  constraining form factor , and that person achieves a great balanced sound throughout a weeklong recording session with it , Live Mixing in real-time 4 mics , adjust pan and levels for EACH MIC  the entire time to make sure the event in question comes out as good as it possibly can . All While in Motion , as the stuff is strapped to my side by means of an Audio bag . and I am attached to a Camera 2.5 meters away from me by a Cable from my gear to theirs . …….

Picture it …. climbing the side of a Hill , or in motion , One wrong move …. The cable goes taught you knock each other down or off the shot , neither of which is good .

All while mixing the Audio for that Camera , My Eyes are on the Actor , so I place my Boom mic well , but Also on the Camera angle so I don’t get my mic in the frame of view , While Mixing the Audio ….. Listening for the Balance between Ambient and Focused sounds . ….. While in Motion . Predicting the movement of the Camera , and the actor and watching where I place my own feet .

Think Field work is easy ?

Neither is the Camera , Take the Time ,….to gain ability in the device you have , it will transfer to the device you want when you can get it . To buy a Device just because you think it will give you the Pro level ability or Status ( social stigmas are a hated thing) but to buy it For that reason alone is the wrong thing to do . The Phrase ” Fake it till you Make it”   ….. I don’t go by that standard .

If you have the right knowledge, you can also solve problems when they happen , If you don’t have that knowledge the gear won’t rescue you when something goes wrong .  I rescued the last session I was in several times without the camera guy even knowing what happened . Lapel mic adapter that was incorrectly made almost ruined the recording ability , I fixed it , and made it work . You can’t buy that . The Connection to a Brand new camera that I was not prepared for , going from the previous setup which had completely different setup and connections , Over night , I MADE a system to connect to the new Camera in a fully interactive way so that he didn’t have to think about a single thing .You can’t buy that .

I am good at what I do . And if I have the good gear to work with ,….BONUS !  , but I don’t depend on that . I make what is available work . But the Media industry is a difficult place to survive . I feel sorry for Musicians of today , The chances we had back in the 70-80 time period are gone , and now you have to make your own roads in a very public way against a very fickle audience that changes their taste on a whim or a Twitter post .

Don’t doubt someones ability unless you have a Valid reason . Everyone is struggling against something , And an opportunity may be all they need to prove themselves . We as a species have become Hyper critical of everything and everyone yet are unable to do what they are critiquing … quaint .

If you can’t do it , don’t  gripe about it .


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