So yesterday , I ordered

An LED Light rig for my cameras that comes with 2 recharge type Sony Camera batteries , ( I think 2000 milliamps each? ) Should be here shortly , waiting for it now .

And I also ordered a Filter set , that includes ND Filters of various stops , and Graduated ND for Taming bright areas of a shot .


They were ordered this morning . Filters are Very Useful , when you don’t have control of the lighting . Outdoors or Indoors .

The idea that you can manipulate the light source even a little should appeal to anyone getting started in Photo or Video .

Think of it like this —–ND filters , or Neutral Density filters , are Broadband Flat frequency Response

(Dag that sounds like AUDIO )

But yeah , Light Frequencies are no different , These are Gain control , like Compressors or Limiters , other types of filters such as UV , or Polariser “CPL”  are more like a Parametric EQ with specific Frequency notches , Then you have Colour Filters , like Sunset , and Blues , and even stuff like Hydrogen Alpha band filters ( For capturing the Sun ) Those are your Phase , Chorus , Flanger, etc.

Then you have Light Pattern filters , Soft Focus , Crosshatch , Prism , Star Cross Patterns etc . These would be your Delays , and Reverbs .

Your camera is a portable Recording studio …. Imagine a Studio that didn’t have any Effect Processors , It would have to be really nice Mics and preamps , and only a Purist Natural Sound . No Play in image .


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