I was able to finally buy some Kerosene !

My Big Heater downstairs is now Nicely burning , for the first time in two months , I got 1 full container 18L of Kerosene just about 20 minutes ago , and The house is Beginning to warm . What that means is Monday morning( Wife goes to work )  I will put the heater in my studio and go On a cleaning Editing Spree . The Cold has literally kept me pinned down in this house .

So with some Heat , I can get something done .  Saturday and Sunday are the Wife’s days off , so I try not to be noisy when she is here , She Needs the relaxation time because of her work . Now with my Heater finally working I can get stuff done while she is gone , I literally had Ice crystals in my Studio this winter , it was ridiculous , I put all my mics in a Metal case and put a small 300 watt oil heater right next to the box , to keep my mics from freezing . I don’t mind Winter , but I HATE cold houses , and when I did the documentary in Sanriku the house we were in was nice and warm so I could actually sleep and I had energy for the days work . Our house is NOT like that it is freezing and old . I Need Heat ,a warm sleep  or I can’t move the next day .

When the body is under constant stress like that of Cold houses it is bad for your mentality as well , you stay Tired , Get Irritable , or Depressed , Body need the right rest , so does the mind .

Just Watching the Heater burning is a relief , yeah it is that bad …. But I have heat now …. Yay!


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