7 AM , Clear Skies

So after a long very cold winter in my house , Lack of kerosene for my heaters , huddling under blankets trying to keep warm , I step out to see this in my backyard IMG_0035

The Plum tree has Blossoms , and Spring is almost here. The Russian guitarist who recorded here even commented on how cold my studio was ( And I actually had Heaters running !!)  So once money got tight and we couldn’t buy Kerosene then it started getting REALLY cold here . Another reason beside software issues for his CD not getting done , My Studio had Ice crystals in it at one point this year . Not good .

I live in an area where there just isn’t any work , and I have to travel into Tokyo mainly to scout for clients or rely on previous clients whenever they have work for me . Trains also cost so when there isn’t any cashflow I stay under the blankets .

Freelance is an Art form, in any small business you have to Micro Manage everything in order to succeed . So it isn’t anywhere near the Glamorous  Idea that a lot of younger people might imagine . It is Feast and Famine .  There are times when things are good . and the Burgers and Beer are Tasty . but then there are the Packaged Ramen stockpiles with the Veggies from the Reject bin at the Grocery store !  You do what you have to do .

This week things are looking up Some much-needed funds will come in , some projects will get moving , a client will get a view of what I can do and develop their own value of that and possibly cement a long-standing relationship that will benefit the both of us .

After the funds arrive I can get the Lens for my Camera I am waiting for , that will give me a little better Video Capabilities Sharper focus etc . Much needed .

But Spring is here and Warmth will arrive with it ( as well as the Rains which I could do without this year ) Japan gets an enormous amount of rain in Spring , and I am craving a little more San Francisco type of weather . Need sunshine and lots of it .

For the first time in my life my Bike tires are flat , not from abuse but from disuse .  They have been Sitting , just simply Sitting all Autumn / Winter long , I haven’t been able to ride . That is a very strange feeling .

The pic above was shot at 7Am  with a Sigma 17-70mm at full extension and then Cropped as the Flowers were higher up in the tree . and I couldn’t get to them to go Macro .

But the colours and the light shining thru the petals somehow make me feel better about today . Today will be a Good day .

Open the windows , clean the studio up , Organise and get ready for the coming busy season that I hope will be mine .


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