Wavelab 8 Basically sucks

I have tried 3 times today to burn a CD for a Russian Guitarist that came to me to record .

The Headphones sound great , Got dang close to the sound I wanted , then Burn the CD ( all processing in Wavelab , Played back the CD thru the DVD player ( Because I KNOW what my TV set sounds like )

Levels were LOW , , and sound was Tinny and not at ALL what I was hearing in my Cans .

So I tried a few setting changes , Normalisation etc , Burn again , Still Not what I wanted .

3rd time lucky right ?   Nope …. I wasted all day with this , Am now in DSP Quattro , and the CD layout is so much easier , and the Effect processing gives you as many slots as you wish for track , as well as Master Efx .

I want a Finished CD by tomorrow morning for this guy , he has been waiting , and once I am done , I may very well just delete Wavelab from my system , What a waste of money


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