Just got back from Tohoku -Sanriku-Ishinomaki region last night. 1 week shoot for NHK

There are so many stories to tell , So many memories made …… This region of Japan is so very cold , but the people are so very warm . And the Crew for the Shoot was Top Notch . We Laughed ,We Cried , We Sang Badly ( and Loudly ) We Ate Everything they put in front of us with great appreciation . This is the Area that was Most Damaged 4 years ago by the Tsunami from the 3/11 Earthquake which was a Magnitude 9 , the Epicentre of the first Big Shock was right off of the shore of this area .  The amount of work still needing to be done is sizeable . There are Still , after 4 years an entire community living in the Temporary Slap together box houses that are nothing more the Walls linked together just to keep the rain off .

I  Had a great time , we worked hard and caught some great footage recorded some great stories , and it will be on NHK’s “Journeys In Japan ” Set for release about the time of the earthquake as a memorial . ( but to me it will more of a tribute to a very strong people ) Sanriku NHK Shoot

This is what it was like just after ( about 2 weeks to 4 months after the Earthquake .)



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