Updated version of a recent Commercial I shot .

Oumitei Yakiniku Restaurant in Ebisu , A part of Tokyo , I had to change 2 scenes one on the entrance and one in the Speaking part . But all fixed and the customer is quite happy . I deliver the files Saturday and have a little Yakiniku Myself ! ( Taking the Wife of course )   But all good . On to the Next project .

The Previous Post about Omotesando

Well I was there again today , and we talked for a good while actually , and There are Projects for me waiting ( Great news)

But again , The standard of quality on these projects is quite High , I know I can do it , and I am quite confident I will make the client happy , She deserves it too , Very Hard working , Non Stop individual who has built her world strategically and carefully .

It is a great opportunity when you get to work with someone who is really serious about what they are doing , It just makes your own work better as a result . I will however need to get a Lens for my EOS -M  to make me really happy in this project , there are just certain things I want to Create image wise , and right now that 2,000 dollar f1.4 Super deluxe dreamy/creamy  background lens is just out of reach . But I have my 22mm F2.0 Prime lens and will just have to work close shots for that .

One of the first things I will do once the funds are available is get the EOS-M3 body and EVF set , I like my EOS-M a lot and the Quality of the images I get are good enough that I really cannot complain for it as a stock kit , but for the Commercial work just a slight step up in image quality would make me happy . That is where that Tamron 18-200 F3.5 – 6.3 VC  lens that is made for the M mount will come in , I have looked online and watched several reviews of the lens and am pretty convinced it will make the set complete without the need for the Smart Adapter that lets me use all the EF lenses out there ( Because that is where that 2,000 dollar gotta have it  EF lens is sitting >>> OUT THERE) one day ….. one day …..

But from the Videos I have seen , I think I can get pretty dang close to what she wants . But definitely give her what she needs .

We all want perfect .  Sometimes it happens ,lets see what happens eh?

Off to Omotesando this morning to talk with a possible client.

And IF , yes IF , we make a deal , there will be some VERY cool Videos coming from it , The Client is a Jewellery /Accessory Maker , Designer and Entrepreneur of her own making , Very impressive person . I have already seen her work and It is really High end stuff , A Lot of Models , and Entertainment people gravitate towards her and it is easy to see why .

Will update with news as it develops .

Fingers Crossed ?  Nope …. Just meet the needs of the client , the rest is gravy .

TBP card