Snow on the Ground , Temp is dropping and I am packing .

I leave tomorrow , Morning , Early AM , to meet at Tokyo Station , catch a train and ride north .

Taking a moment to watch a few vids on youtube , “Behind the Music”  stuff like that . History of what I grew up with as a musician myself , Bad Company , Free , Deff Leppard , Led Zepp , and Mentally going over all my responsibilities over the next week , The Gear , the Power , The Connections , Adaptors , Signal levels , oh yeah and Clothes to keep warm . I don’t have snow boots , but I have Pile socks and a hard head .

My Gear pack is quite heavy , and I will be dragging a big Red “Totes”  bag I have had for years and hast seen three continents ,packed full of clothes and needs , I have “know” Idea where I am staying ( so I just have to trust ) I have “know” Idea what we will eat , ( Just go with the flow ) I have some Idea of what we will be doing ( chuckle ) yeah sorta got that one .

I have to wake up at about 4 am , pull myself together , and get moving . take the slow trains to Tokyo as they will be less packed  ( Ever seen the Morning Rush hour trains in Japan ?  Youtube it )  especially Tokyo .

From the Densest part of Japan , to a Rural open country area on the Seaside , with Hard cold weather and Ocean drawn winds ,…..overnight change and slap to the senses ( Cue Cliffs of Dover music )  Rugged country , but also a rugged people that we will be talking to and building a story around . It will be on “Journeys in Japan”  in the near future . And yours Truly ….. Will be the sound .  5 Days ….. one heck of a ride . Yeah,… bring it on .

I think I will just take my Powershot N ( I really wanted to take a full setup) , small pocketable camera I need to be able to really concentrate on what is going on , the script is pretty well laid out , I have a copy , and going over it I see the need for precision and choreography of movement between myself and the camera as I will be directly connected by a little over 2 meters of cable . That isn’t a lot of room for error .

He Moves , I move , Left , Right , Backing , Both of us walking backwards His eyes in the screen Mine half on where my Mic is , My head buried in the sound , and the other eye on what is behind the camera man to make sure he doesn’t ( Nor I for that matter) Go Tumbling down a hillside or crash into someones Family memories …….. yeah that would look good wouldn’t it .

Did I mention it is snowing ? Yep about 3 inches so far and it is only 10 am .  Supposed to snow for awhile today .

I will drag all my gear thru that Snow tomorrow morning .

I really love the fact that all this Music History is on Youtube …. Takes my mind off the present for just a little bit .

Off to the Northern Shores …….. ( I don’t even know If I will have internet access ????)  { hands start shaking withdrawal symptoms already begin} ….


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