RODE Micon series adapters ( Caveat Emptor )

I have the RODE lav , and I like the mic , and I bought the SHURE adapter with it the Micon-8 I think , but recently I ordered the Micon -1 Sennheiser Adapter because the Video guy I will be working with has the Sennheiser Wireless system .

The Micon-1 is fraught with problems ,  Number 1 , The Adapter I bought Is broken , No Sound comes thru at all .

The Micon Adapter the Camera guy bought Doesn’t fit , It simply would not screw on , the threads where all cut wrong and would NOT attach to the Body pack . WTF ?????

As that I am leaving early in the morning for a week long shoot and do not have time to replace this , I modified it.

What I ended up doing is Grinding off the Threaded section so that just the TRS Plug remains , and polished up so it looks ok .

and now I have sound but not the Locking security I should have , RODE your quality control is not doing very well , I you almost ruined a Documentary shoot that I am about to do  . But I have skills and a Backup system because that is the kind of Audio guy I am .

The Shure adapter is kinda hard to mess up , and it works , but not with the Sennheiser system .

Anyway I have sound , I had the rescue the system from disaster when it should have simply worked … I am VERY disappointed .


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