Prep Work , Warm Shoes , Gear list , ……Oh ! TOOTH BRUSH ! yep think I need to pack that .

An Entire week on set . Is a very different story that a 1 or 2 day job that is Local or Accessible by a few trains .

You need your gear straight , ALL of it Tested thoroughly , and Power for each thing that will last the entire days work , and allow for rotation , to new power just in case . Then there is the DATA , SD Cards big enough and Reliable enough , No Losses .

Weather is also a factor.  Cold Temps are not nice to Batteries , Lithiums especially , so Powerpacks for the recorder .

Choice of recorder /mic combination that will give the most flexibility ( a 1 day job you know what to do pretty much ) A week can present options or Variables that you wouldn’t otherwise encounter . So being prepared isn’t an option.

Shoes , Feet are your most important thought when your out all day everyday in a cold environment , Keep them warm . They get cold so do you .

Plus I have a Commercial to shoot , just a few days before I leave for this Big project !!! WOW . busy start to 2015 !


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