Schedules resume tomorrow …….

It is Monday Jan 5 , 2015 …. and Everybody starts back to work tomorrow . I will get the house to myself again , and can get some much needed work done myself . It is hard to do what I do when the family is around as the movement and demand for attention sort of take precedence over everything else . I am getting over 1 cold but can sort of feel another lurking . Oh well , I have work to do .

I went to Tokyo yesterday , to consult a client , and procure a video job , with good results , and will be shooting a commercial on the 23rd of this month . Very cool place , I will put a full post up about it as the day gets closer .

I have Live sound to run for a group on the 30th Middle Eastern music , way cool . I dig OUD and early instruments .

This week I will finish up the Guitarist I recorded in Dec , as the Family won’t be around ( Stress Free !) so I can really dig into the processing.  ( You really do need to Isolate yourself when Mastering , no distractions .

I bought a Kerosene Heater from the Recording gig money , a nice one cost me half the studio fees . And it got really tested this week after I was able to buy some Kerosene .  It has a 4.7 litre tank and a proposed 20 (high) 40(low)  hour burn time on 1 tank

How did it do ?   well at really low settings it smells a bit so I raised it to kinda Mid setting , and got a full 24 hours on 1 tank . So I can just leave it running unless I leave to go somewhere . It really Helps . This house is very cold .

Today will go for a walk with the Wife , enjoy what warmth we can find , Take some pix of the river and surroundings Practice the settings on my Camera for Video . Try to find a 50mm F/1.8 lens for it ( Really Need that ) and some LED Light for Photography setups . ( Works for Video as well)  Also need to get a project box for a little stereo preamp I have to build for the Eikaiwa I work at . Might do that tomorrow or Wednesday .

When on an Island , you do what you must to survive , and a little extra to entertain yourself . I have my Wilson .



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