Impressions of My EOS M

As I explore the menus and get used to the way it operates and understand it’s limits and plusses I begin to come to agreement with it and it becomes more comfortable each time I pick it up .

The Kit Prime lens , 22 mm , F/2 is very likeable to me in low light and still shots or steady mount video it will be fine for the close up Bokeh image without to much grain . But it doesn’t have Image Stabilisation built in so you need REALLy steady hands or good Mount system to use it for free movement in video .

The 18-55mm F/3.5 to F/5.6 does have image stabilisation and for handheld if your steady handed does a pretty good job . ( I have very steady hands compared to many I know ) So It works good for Video . Nice thick image and will be great for the Web commercials I will be making .

So my Canon Collection .

  1. Canon EOS-M ,2 lenses and Adapter for EF lenses (Full 1080P HD Video)
  2. Canon SX1is , Super Zoom with wide Stereo Mic and Manual Audio Control ( Full 1080HD)
  3. Canon Powershot N , Pocket Point and Shoot with Mono Mic (Full HD Video)

And My Panasonic X900M  Full HD Video Camera with Mic Input and Full Manual controls .

I am set , except for a couple Lenses and Batteries for the EOS-M to make it a Pro level workhorse



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