RODE Micon series adapters ( Caveat Emptor )

I have the RODE lav , and I like the mic , and I bought the SHURE adapter with it the Micon-8 I think , but recently I ordered the Micon -1 Sennheiser Adapter because the Video guy I will be working with has the Sennheiser Wireless system .

The Micon-1 is fraught with problems ,  Number 1 , The Adapter I bought Is broken , No Sound comes thru at all .

The Micon Adapter the Camera guy bought Doesn’t fit , It simply would not screw on , the threads where all cut wrong and would NOT attach to the Body pack . WTF ?????

As that I am leaving early in the morning for a week long shoot and do not have time to replace this , I modified it.

What I ended up doing is Grinding off the Threaded section so that just the TRS Plug remains , and polished up so it looks ok .

and now I have sound but not the Locking security I should have , RODE your quality control is not doing very well , I you almost ruined a Documentary shoot that I am about to do  . But I have skills and a Backup system because that is the kind of Audio guy I am .

The Shure adapter is kinda hard to mess up , and it works , but not with the Sennheiser system .

Anyway I have sound , I had the rescue the system from disaster when it should have simply worked … I am VERY disappointed .


Snow on the Ground , Temp is dropping and I am packing .

I leave tomorrow , Morning , Early AM , to meet at Tokyo Station , catch a train and ride north .

Taking a moment to watch a few vids on youtube , “Behind the Music”  stuff like that . History of what I grew up with as a musician myself , Bad Company , Free , Deff Leppard , Led Zepp , and Mentally going over all my responsibilities over the next week , The Gear , the Power , The Connections , Adaptors , Signal levels , oh yeah and Clothes to keep warm . I don’t have snow boots , but I have Pile socks and a hard head .

My Gear pack is quite heavy , and I will be dragging a big Red “Totes”  bag I have had for years and hast seen three continents ,packed full of clothes and needs , I have “know” Idea where I am staying ( so I just have to trust ) I have “know” Idea what we will eat , ( Just go with the flow ) I have some Idea of what we will be doing ( chuckle ) yeah sorta got that one .

I have to wake up at about 4 am , pull myself together , and get moving . take the slow trains to Tokyo as they will be less packed  ( Ever seen the Morning Rush hour trains in Japan ?  Youtube it )  especially Tokyo .

From the Densest part of Japan , to a Rural open country area on the Seaside , with Hard cold weather and Ocean drawn winds ,…..overnight change and slap to the senses ( Cue Cliffs of Dover music )  Rugged country , but also a rugged people that we will be talking to and building a story around . It will be on “Journeys in Japan”  in the near future . And yours Truly ….. Will be the sound .  5 Days ….. one heck of a ride . Yeah,… bring it on .

I think I will just take my Powershot N ( I really wanted to take a full setup) , small pocketable camera I need to be able to really concentrate on what is going on , the script is pretty well laid out , I have a copy , and going over it I see the need for precision and choreography of movement between myself and the camera as I will be directly connected by a little over 2 meters of cable . That isn’t a lot of room for error .

He Moves , I move , Left , Right , Backing , Both of us walking backwards His eyes in the screen Mine half on where my Mic is , My head buried in the sound , and the other eye on what is behind the camera man to make sure he doesn’t ( Nor I for that matter) Go Tumbling down a hillside or crash into someones Family memories …….. yeah that would look good wouldn’t it .

Did I mention it is snowing ? Yep about 3 inches so far and it is only 10 am .  Supposed to snow for awhile today .

I will drag all my gear thru that Snow tomorrow morning .

I really love the fact that all this Music History is on Youtube …. Takes my mind off the present for just a little bit .

Off to the Northern Shores …….. ( I don’t even know If I will have internet access ????)  { hands start shaking withdrawal symptoms already begin} ….

Power for the gear …

Documentary shoot , 5 days , outside all day ….in an Area where I am unsure of Power >>>

So Yesterday I bought a 12,000 ma , PQi USB Battery pack for the Tascam DR70D , I will probably get 1 more just in case .

It has a 1 amp output ,  the 12,000 ma is at 3.7 volts which is typical , then uses a Step up DC/DC converter , so I have to calculate the Efficiency and conversion factor to get my actual power supply .

say 92%  efficient = 12,000 becomes more like 10,000 ma or a little under that .

Add to that You don’t really want to drain the battery all the way down , as that isn’t good for lithium  batteries .

so I am hoping for at least 7 hours of power .  I will be in a cold environment so I will probably keep the Power inside my Jackets in the internal Pockets of the jackets to keep the packs warm . Cold Temps are very hard on Batteries , Regular batts ( Alkaline etc ) at say 5-7 degrees Centigrade will drop to under 60% of the actual capacity , at 0 Degrees they can actually burst and leak from freezing but at the least they simply stop working .

I am not willing to risk my side of the Issue , if the Camera fails that won’t be my fault , Audio will Happen I will Make it happen .

” It is by Will alone I set my mind in motion , The Lips acquire stain , Thoughts acquire speed , it is by will alone I set my mind in Motion ”

yes , think I need 2 packs …..Power …… Need an abundance of , for a Week out in the cold .

Portable Power

Portable Power

A Busy Week indeed ….

Tiny Bird Productions, has branched out a little, and I have just obtained a Partner in crime so to speak .

The Web based commercials for Tokyo Area businesses I will be doing now have a face available to them .

Let me introduce Ms Jennifer Gutierrez .

An Elegant , Beautiful and Intelligent, Talented Writer /Actress/Model

Jennifer Gutierrez

I am her acting agent, manager and director. For any enquiries about Photo Shoots, Commercials, Fashion Displays or needs of that nature , feel free to contact me

She has Degrees in Teaching , and Communications.

She Speaks, English, Spanish, Intermediate French

She has Written several books and has translated materials into the Spanish language for several publications

How may TinyBirdProductions be of service to You!