Trying Very Hard to get myself moving


Life has too many twists and turns , and My House is Cold , Very cold , at night I can’t sleep well because of the cold . But that is Japanese housing , the New Houses are better insulated and built more like Western houses . My House is old , like 35 years old , and not very efficient . We turn Heat off at night to conserve energy , and don’t use it in the Day unless we absolutely have to .

Today the Sun is shining and I really need to get out in it . I have a Demo Video to do for a Product , and Audio to process for a Guitarist who just came to my studio , but when I got up today , I just couldn’t find energy , even after the second cup . Coffee ,

Coffee oh Coffee Why have you abandoned me , in my time of need . Whilst thou not comfort me , Whilst thou not give me succour and respite from this weight upon my shoulders ?

Coffee ……. I need another cup .


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