Vancouver No Asahi , TV Program interview on Fuji TV today

1 hour long , in depth interview with 2 of the Main actors in the film , Koichi Sato , and Tsumabuki san .

They showed many scene previews during the TV program and I was able to catch myself in a great many of them .

But what got me , was not ” Yeah I am that movie !! ”  , instead it was …. ” I got to be a part of a really great story Wow”

I say this , because as the interview went on and got deeper I realised how much deeper this story really was . And in todays world of movies filled with Ultraviolence and over the top production in every detail so you feel like you have been on a broken roller coaster by the end of the film …….This …..Is a Story , about Lives , about History , Family , Trust , Decisions , and Pathways in life over which we sometimes have no choice in but to endure it . This was a story about people and truth .

A Very rare thing these days , and I got to play some small part in THAT , not for my own benefit , but for that of the story .

And yeah … It really struck me that way after watching the interview . The Director Ishii Yuya ,  did a Marvellous job in bringing all the variants together to make them work , The Art Director who designed and oversaw the Building of the OPEN SETS , Complete cityscapes and realities that you could so easily dive into and actually believe you were there . Time stood still for a brief period in my life .

I remember the day I first showed up on set , wandering around touching the walls and looking at everything in disbelief as to how real it looked , and felt ….I mean …It Felt old …..

I was there … that story ….. Watching that team struggle for recognition , and equality .

As I watch the Media Industry around the world basically destroying itself with just putting out whatever they can to draw an audience in to spend their money , and after the Sony Hack , and all the other factors making the media industry a very unfriendly place , I feel very appreciative of having been a part of this Movie .  A Piece of Elegance , and Dignity , and Passion mixed with splashing of Truth and History and reality , Tied with Romance , and decorated with Belief in something.

That package .  To the entire crew of actors and filmmakers and the Producer Yuya san .

My Hat is off to you , and I can say quite honestly , You have made something marvellous .

Me , as the Commander of the R.C.M.P.

Me , as the Commander of the R.C.M.P.


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