Starting some Audio Processing later today .

Family will be out of the House tonight , I will have the place to myself .

First thing I will do is Export all the Stems into individual Wave files from the Guitarist Session I just recorded .

Then get them into Wavelab each one to get things just right , then remix them in my DAW to get the Stereo Image I want .

Got some Midrange issues to fix and the levels into the sweetspots , There was some good guitar playing and I want to get it sweetened up . It has been a very busy week , 3 guitar Repairs , English School ( Eikaiwa) another Audio related Customer and exchange of funds for goods ( Review of said Item forthcoming ( Tascam DR70D) and a Line 6 Variac Guitar I have to work on and test out .

But Today is mine …….

Go for a walk , get my head clear , Kid comes back from school then leaves again , Wife is out with friends , I will get some work done . A Good Dram of whiskey , My Studio Headphones , and the World Blocked out , Phone shut off .

It is going to be a Good evening .


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