2 Days of Recording

Wow ,  has been a very cool 2 days , I had a Guitarist in my Studio that is up and Coming , As of the moment quite unknown , but that may change soon . I now have to go thru the mastering process and get the 8 songs we did , tightened up , and let the personality of each one come out.  Songs have their own lives once they are recorded and released . They have a Magical existence in that they have a different meaning or value to each listener . Some will have Life moments to that song others it may be just background noise .

I will say that out of the 8 songs we recorded , 3 have my attention quite seriously .

Stay with me on this as I will post some samples later ( As I HAVE permission to do so ) . But I have to take care of several jobs this week before I sit down to zone in on the final processing .

Some Very worthy material here . All I am gonna say at the moment .

Stay tuned.


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