My Current Studio Connection setup

( Be Aware this has changed dramatically , Now a completly different setup in early 2016)

This is just for the In House setup , My Location rig includes a Presonus Firestudio Mobile , and the Soundcraft M4 when I need it.

Studio Stuff

I can control the Tascam from the Mac , but route it’s Audio thru the Scarlett For the UH7000 Main Analogue Outputs , That gives me use of the Effects section of the UH7000 such as Limiter /Compressor/EQ etc .

The MIC2200 has EQ built in as well so I use it mainly as a Line level input as the Mic preamps aren’t exactly Pro level stuff .

The Soundcraft M4 has many channels but I take the Stereo feed of the Master out from the SPDIF Coax , to the Scarlett giving me All the EQ , and Sound Quality of the M4 thru the digital input of the main interface .


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