Prissy Film People who think they are Artists need not apply

What is YOUR Art ? , and also is it worth treating the people around you with such disrespect that they simply do not want to work with you ?

If You have a Good story , Great , If you have Camera Skills to make it work Great , But if you don’t have the ability to organise , storyboard , and map out your story in a clear effective way , Hire someone to do it for you .

If you do Not,  What will happen is Your Idea or Story will be Malformed , Poorly assembled , and Changed beyond all resemblance of what your original Idea was .That it is now just a product of the environmental changes around you . And Not the “ART” you were planning for .

Secondly , If you Do NOT take the responsible actions you will also risk Pissing off the KEY PEOPLE who actually can make your project LIVE , You will end up Pissing those KEY people off .

(See this post for a clue of what happened        24 Nov     )

Rule #1  , Do NOT under any circumstances , Mess with the Soundguy

Rule #2  See Rule #1 . period .

Especially when the Soundguy , is your BOOM Operator , Your Recordist , and Your Post Production Audio person .

If you screw with that individual , you have just ruined your film ……Do You UNDERSTAND THAT ???

My Rates are fair , My Rates are low enough that you can afford them ,Do NOT attempt to get my work for free , do not talk trades , Unless that Gear is in PERFECT WORKING ORDER and Guaranteed and is actually something I need . Oh Yeah , Don’t Lie to me either .

Due to a recent issue I have new rules , I will do the recording etc , let you listen to it , but will in fact KEEP all the Data until you pay me ….. Don’t like those rules ? Don’t hire me .


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