Review of the RODE M3 …..( That I did NOT buy)

I saw a local music store had the RODE M3 on their shelf , I asked if I could check it out , to which they obliged .

We hooked it up to a Yamaha Digital Mixer , and I put on the new KRK Headphones that they had hooked up to it .

Anyway , Powered up , hit the Phantom Power button , let the mic settle a moment then set levels , Check 1-2 < Check 1-2 , Then I moved and got this nasty POP in my headphones ….. Mic Cable???  a Little Jiggle and sure enough POP !1 ( But I had turned levels down after the first one)   So , hmmm Maybe Bad cable ,…Switched out and……Jiggle POP !!! again , we tried ANOTHER mic cable , and Another ….

The Connecter Socket on the Mic was so loose fitting that whatever cable we put in was Loose and NOT solidly set . And as a result If you even touch the Mic cable POW in the Monitors or Headphones .

If you didnt move at all , the mic sounded pretty good , It was Quiet noise wise , had a good hot output , and sensitive enough for a great many applications .

As that I am in Film Sound , My Thought was , Foley and Sound Creation as that it has Dual Step Attenuation at -10Db and -20Db , which for loud Machinery or other things that CLANG really loud that would be perfect , BUT if the Mic Socket is LOOSE I cannot Move around WTF????

RODE …..Foul Ball , ….. The M3 needs a redesign , and fast , and You OWE me a new set of EARS , from the Explosion in my headphones that I had to endure because of Your Mic .


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