Goodbye 2014 -100 years from the start of WW1

I took this shot this morning while the dew was still thick over everything .Goodbye2014


2014 is almost over ( Highlights and Letdowns)

First , Thank you WordPress for that very cool Year End email you sent me .

I just got home from going to see the Movie I was in , Vancouver No Asahi .

The story is a good story and a somewhat true one as it was indeed actual events in history .

The Letdown ….The Camera work sucked . I mean, I can do way better , Over colorisation , and Mismatched Frame and Shutter Speeds , that cause jerky Panning instead of smooth panning with proper motion blur . I mean the first 1/3 of the Movie I was struggling to keep my eyes on the screen because there are a Lot of Panning scenes and the Jerky Un-smooth nature of the Pans was very disturbing and uncomfortable .

I truthfully am a way better cameraman than that .

Basic Principles of the 180 rule , Frame rate of 30 , Shutter Speed of 1/60  you get motion blur when things move . In this film the Panning in many scenes were abhorrent and stuttering badly …

The Editing …… Could have been better , the story deserved it . Over colouring and graininess in the video trying to make it look old …. from a digital format . and it didn’t have the desired effect .  There were inconsistencies from scene to scene in the colour grading , and the Grain level changes as well .

The Good stuff .

The Actors and Actresses .  Did a fantastic job that was detracted from by the Bad Video Processing .

Koichi Sato , did a great job as the Old Man , grumpy and cantankerous but good hearted .

Tsumabuki Kun:   Reggie – Moody , distant and struggling with the nature of the two cultures divided and his own perceptions .

Kamenashi Kun :  Roy – Rebellious , Frustrated , Hard headed and somewhat defiant , reluctant to acquiesce .But does in the end.

Kamiji San : Tom – The quiet Support in the group pushing the Captain to Be a Captain , ( so many scenes he was in that were cut , a shame ) I had the chance to talk to him several times .

Mitsuki Takahata :  Emi- Reggies Sister …. and supporter of the Asahi team , even while going thru severe disappointments of her own facing them stoically .  She did a Great job .

Aoi Miyazaki : The School Teacher , and spot scenes in the Game Crowd . Not much more than that .

The Story was good , you didn’t need to mess it up by over doing the editing . That was the wrong thing to do .

There were all of 15 people in a 250 seat theatre for the 4 :30 pm show when everyone has the day off . ……..They packed other shows , at the same theatre , Different movies got the views …..

The camera work …… Over processing , Over the edge colour grading ….. took away from what would have been a great film .


I have a New Camera , EOS M ( I Think I could have shot the Movie Better on this Camera !!!) And a Bag for the Camera , I like it . First day of taking pictures with it , I Shot a few AUTO shots , then Manual of the same things , and showed my Wife , She invariably picked out the Manual shot I took as the best . ( Thank you )

I got the Tascam DR70D recorder , and it sounds fabulous with my RODE NTG2 mic .

I finally got rid of my Massive Headaches with manipulation of my ATLAS getting the pressure off of the Occipital nerve .( If I sleep wrong or too deeply it can still slip out of place)

I worked with Richard Grehan , and incredible Videographer and Photographer . ( He could have done this movie better )

I shot a DVD Video For a Famous Audio Engineer (John Arrias) due for release in January , about 85 % of the Video on that DVD is mine from my cameras .

I was IN the Vancouver No Asahi Movie that I am ranting about . I got a chance to be part of a great story . a somewhat true story . That was cool . I met some cool people .

My kid got a cool job , and we actually can agree on some things … he is almost 20 .

I recorded a Russian Guitarist in my Studio that I think has potential . ( Have to finish that processing myself )

I did Audio for the Nick Mondo Documentary .

I recorded a Mezzo Sopranos Debut concert .

I according to the WordPress Monkey crew , had 5 trainloads of people visit my Blog from 62 different countries

and ….most of all ….. I kept my Sanity … for the most part of 2014 .

Too many details to actually type all of , but I do remember the most of them .


My Canon EOS M Full Set just arrived ….

well …..About 20 minutes ago …… And I am sitting here just admiring how it feels to my hands . I know the Photobuggers who are used to the 7D and other big guns don’t like how small it is . But I for my part , love the all metal body , smooth feeling lens controls , The Weight of it compared to other cameras I have looked at . It just feels good to me .

My Last new camera was back in the Analogue days , a Pentax K1000 with 4 lenses and Filters galore .

I was a VERY Keen, Night Shot , Black and White , and Ektachrome person . Double Exposures , and All the tricks , …yeah I did photography , and even developed my own film at times with quite good results thank you very much . To the Point I was able to sell my Negatives to post card companies and Magazines , so Yeah , I know what I am doing .

This will be my first DSLR .  I have the Canon SX40HS , and use it to good extent , but it has a much more limited set of controls and not much in the way of Manual in the dept. of Video control . ( But it takes pretty good video)  I have used it on a several DVD shoots , and Web Commercials , but really wanted more control . You can do almost anything in Post Processing if you have the right software and skill set , but if you have pretty close to the RIGHT look to begin with , the editing just goes SO much faster and a Better result overall.

I really like How the Camera Feels to me …… that says a lot . Some may not , Yeah I like buttons and knobs to turn ( And know what to do with them ) but There is just something about that “First ” thing that adds to it .

I am charging the battery now , and will format a 32gb card in it when the battery is ready , Then do the Firmware Update to Ver. 2.02 . Already downloaded and waiting .

It is compact , small and powerful , and well crafted . I am aware of the Slow Auto Focus issue everyone nags about , But again , Screw Auto ,.. I don’t need it .  I want to control my Image , Like I did with my K1000 . Except I won’t have any Negatives to sell .

The world has changed a bit hasn’t it .

I got the Full Set , 2 Lenses , The Special Adapter for the EF Lenses , and Flash .

EOS M …. For an Analogue guy …. damn nice Camera . I am Happy with it , and haven’t even turned it on yet .

Canon EOS Box


I have had the Pleasure of……

Working with someone who has an eye , a sense of the Image and a touch on the pulse of how the movement of those images coellesce into a reality that can be presented to a mass of individuals who will perceive that movement .

Richard Grehan .   Image Mill Tokyo .

I would indeed at a moments notice, stop  whatever I was doing and pack up my gear to go and run sound for him . He is a Pro , and an Artist that doesn’t pretend to be one . ( Too many of those )

Here is his demo reel of 2014

I just ordered ……

A New Camera , …..well ,hmm not really new if you look at the stream of time in technology. It was released in 2009 I think , and didnt do so well in the market , and has had to go thru several firmware updates , and then eventually discontinued . So the price is dropping ,… a rock .

So I ordered the whole kit 2 lenses , Adapter , Flash and Body .

The Canon EOS M , and should have it in 2 days .

What clinched it for me was the mic input and the Menu is the same as the 650D and full APS-C sensor. 1080P Video with manual controls .

All the complaints were about the Slow Auto Focus ………I don’t use Auto …Problem solved .

Lets see what I can make with the “M”  Hopefully it will be a better Marriage than the other “M” that was in my life long ago .

I have stabilisers and Mounts to play with for it already . This will be fun .

(UPDATE ) ….it is on it’s way

Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 6.49.07 PM

Another Update !

Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 8.49.44 PM